Sammy: A Screaming Motion Sensor Controlled by Your Phone


Sammy is a cute little screaming motion sensor that helps to keep an eye on your belongings. It can be attached to anything that is magnetized, and also has a loop fixing that makes it easy for hanging on just about anything. It’s controlled by your smartphone via the BleepBeeps mobile app. When the item it’s attached to gets moved, Sammy screams and sends out a notification to your smartphone. It’s a pretty slick way to keep an eye on things, don’t you think?

Sammy is part of a family of “little friends” that aims to make parenting easier. These little friends are all connected devices that an help you do things like get pregnant, give birth, look after your baby and raise your child.

Even though Sammy is aimed at parents and parents-to-be, it can be used by anyone who wants to protect a single item or wants to know when something is moved. Where would you use Sammy if you had one?

Sammy Screamer – Motion Alarm | Kickstarter

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