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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, is a site that uses online advertising to help out charities. It’s a two prong attack.


If you want to send money to one of the four charities Ripple supports, all you have to do is click Water, Food, Education or Money and you will be forwarded to a sponsor’s advertisement, of which 100% of the revenue goes directly to the selected charity.


You can also search for charity by using their Google Co-op-Driven search engine. Google pays Ripple, and Ripple takes all of that revenue and gives it to your chosen charity.

Add a Ripple search keyword to your browser and you can search for charity without going to their site!


Add this button to your website, and users can click directly to the charity they want to give to, anytime they want!

Ripple also provides a SearchBar to install for Internet Explorer 7, OpenSearch, Firefox 1.5+ and Sherlock.

Simple, isn’t it?

Right now the charities are Australia based, but it doesn’t hurt to help out where ever you can.

This simple scheme could work anywhere, though. Are there any others like it? International ones, perhaps?

Save The World, One Click At A Time – [Ripple]

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