Imagine if you had a vehicle you could park anywhere, didn’t require gas to fuel, and could even pass sitting cars. Imagine the time you would save. Stop imagining. Riide, a Kickstarter bike is here to help you do all of the above!


Ride your way. You can pedal, twist the throttle, or do both at once. Move around at 20 mph without pedaling, just like you would on a scooter, or pedal to go even faster. With a 25 mile ranges you can get pretty much anywhere you want to go.


Now you have the choice to travel from your car or from this unprecedented bike. Just take it out for a spin and you’ll reach you will reach your destination in no time. It’s built-in phone mount will ensure that you are going in the right direction by helping yo out with finding the right and most convenient way.

Riide’s lightweight design is 40% lighter than other electric bikes. This allows you to ride like a traditional bike if you choose not to use the motor.

Source – Riide Kickstarter

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