Revolutionize The Way You Play Music - Use A Lightbulb!


Move away traditional light bulb. Hit the road audio speakers. AudioBulb is here, and it’s goal is to totally obliterate your existence. I know that’s an over bearing statement; however, if you ruminate about it, why would you use traditional audio speakers with troublesome wires that entangles all the time with other electronic gadget’s wires, when you can choose to go wireless, correct?

What’s more, AudioBulb is also a lighting system; so you are actually getting two products in a single purchase. Now, how cool is that?

Moreover, this innovative product is designed to work with iPhones, iPods, and any auxillary input source. The designers’ idea came from the challenge of combining something installed in practically every room: a light socket, with something that all Johns and Janes want in every room: light and music.

How many Joes does it take to set up a lightbulb? Screwing in an AudioBulb to a light socket doesn’t require technical prowess. You only need 3 easy-breezy steps to set up. No kidding, only 3 steps!

  1. Twist the unit into any light socket, or lamp, and turn it on.
  2. Connect audio source by using Aux-In or Apple 30-pin to the standalone base and hit play.
  3. In minutes you can enjoy listening to your favorite music from up to 8 bulbs and, here’s the thing: you can set up in any kind of environment.

Seriously — the revolution is on. Play music with a lightbulb.


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