LifePrint Personal Wifi Photo Printer

When I was younger, photos had extreme sentimental value. I didn’t take pictures often, but when I did for school or with my family, they were really special. Now, with mobile devices and apps like Instagram, photos have definitely lost some of the personal value they once had. Special moments and events are now being stored in the cloud and on our computers and mobile devices.

This is great for some people, but what if you’re one who enjoys putting up pictures in your home or creating actual photo books and scrapbooks (you know, with paper, tape and glue)? If this applies to you, you’ll love LifePrint, a small, elegant Wifi photo printer for iOS and Android devices.

With it you can print photos from your device, as well as receive printed photos from family and friends. It’s like having your own “physical photo social network” right at home. Best of all, no matter where you are in the world, photos can be sent and printed from your personal LifePrint device.

Just imagine coming home to a stack of photos from your family across the country or friends that you haven’t seen in years! It’s definitely more personal than seeing them online along with everyone else. With so many fun features, plus the ability to edit photos from the LifePrint app, it’s sure to have you feeling all warm and bubbly inside whenever you receive a new picture.

LifePrint: Wifi Photo Printer for iPhone/Android & Instagram | Kickstarter

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