Mynd is re-imagining your daily calendar, making it more of a personal assistant than an appointment book.  Sure, your schedule and to-do list appear on the screen. But, so does weather, traffic, and travel information. And, thanks to its grid-style dashboard, you can see an overview of the days tasks, including people, places, events, and locations, when the apps not in use.

Mynd Calendar Mynd Calendar 2

When it’s time to leave for an appointment, you’ll get an alert to that affect. And, because Mynd is budgeting for transit time, you’ll never be late again.

Ahead of your meeting Mynd also gives you a heads up as to who will be there, how you can reach them, and even pulls-in their LinkedIn Profile.

Once you arrive at your destination, Mynd will store the location. Then, when the meeting starts, you can dial in conference calls or pull up documents from Evernote all from within the app.


Mynd Calendar [iOS] | Official Site

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