Do you rely on your phone for breaking news and articles?

It’s virtually impossible to read all the content flying around online. You need to be able to access your favorite write ups offline, when you have the free time and peace to read them.

Instapaper is the perfect app that does just that.

The first thing you’ll notice about the app is the UI design. It’s simple, powerful and picks up on your reading habits. Learning how to use the tool is relatively easy and straightforward.

instapaperAt first glance, the app will remind you of reading a newspaper. After a few days of using Instapaper, going back to reading paper articles and memos will never be the same.

I highly recommend Instapaper for individuals who rely on high quality content on a daily basis.

Instapaper: award-winning app to read web pages on the go, in the air, on a subway, or on the couch. | Instapaper

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