The way we present and promote ourselves online is quickly becoming just as important as how we function in the real world. If you’re looking to pull extra people in, or even if you worry you may be coming across as slightly boring in your status updates, here are 10 quick tips:

So here’s how you stop tweeting into empty space and start engaging. Sharing facts and tips is a quick, easy way to start and it provokes curiosity, which makes your readers more likely to return. Endorse content, inspire action and share images so your updates stand out. I think a particularly important factor in bettering your social media status and updates is to communicate with your audience. Although this infographic suggests it is better to do this via asking for comments, not asking questions. Finally, use short codes and stick a ‘P.S’ on the the end to grab attention. Good luck!

How To Improve Social Media Updates | Tech Infographics

Here are a few reasons why you should avoid over-indulging in the world of Facebook (and other social networks) and revisit the wonders of the real world. Is Facebook Our New Best Friend?

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