Quick .com Address Bar Shortcut

A friend of mine had an idea for a USB device to extend a ‘.com’ button to the keyboard. This meant all the people typing ‘.com’ into address bars could save a few seconds and buy another silly gadget.

The dream has been shattered. Maybe you know this already, but most browsers already come with a keyboard shortcut for ‘.com’. Not only that, but ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ are also covered, as well as the ‘www’ prefix.

Type a word into the address bar, then hold down the Ctrl button and press enter…voila, the http://www and .com are magically appended…

Now, type a word and hold down the Shift button and press enter … voila, the .net extension is appended..

If you hold down Ctrl+Shift and press enter, the .org extension gets added..

I’ll break the news to him in the morning.

Cool Domain Browser Shortcut – [TheDomainer’sGazette]

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