Are you having a difficult time viewing pictures and videos on your mobile device? What if you could project the same image or clip on the wall?

Thanks to Odin, now you can.

Odin is an Android projector designed to meet your viewing needs. Using the tool, you can display your tiny screen on a wall. This allows you to browse through websites without using the zoom function. For movie lovers, you can watch your favorite films from your mobile device instead of powering up the laptop. The possibilities are literally endless.

asdfadinThe small projector is not bulky and easy to carry around. Connectivity isn’t a problem, as Odin is equipped with built in WiFi, bluetooth capabilities and two USB slots.


This product is recommended for people who are limited by the size of their mobile screens. It may also be useful for professionals on the go.
ODIN: Android ‘Smart’ Projector to Carry in Your Pocket | Kickstarter

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