Professor X ain't got nothin on you. Control this Orb with your Mind


All of the comic book movies these days have people wondering if they have super powers or if there are people out there with extraordinary abilities. Well, if you want to fake it ’til you make it, you can drop a little cash and get the Puzzlebox Orbit. What you get is mind control over a helicopter in a sphere controlled by your thoughts.

Not every super hero has actual powers, some have gadgets. Look at Batman and Ironman, both are rich guys with toys. Having the Puzzlebox Orbit will let let you have your powers without being a billionaire playboy like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.

Being able to control the Orbit with your mind will take a bit of practice. Even the X-Men had a school to hone their abilities, right? If you can write code, the folks at Puzzlebox even offer up the source code and hacking instruction for you to make your own personalized modifications.


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