3D printers are getting more and more reliable these days.

AstroPrint is a unique 3D printer system that aims to separate themselves from the crowd by providing wireless services. Using an app, and a pad (WiFi network), you can print anywhere from your home or office!

This technology is particularly useful for projects where more than one person is using the 3D printer.

No more long lines.

No more wasting time, waiting for a printing job to finish.

asdfsdfsadfWith the AstroPrint app, you can sit at your desk, send something to the 3D printer and work while printing out prototypes and objects.

The system also offers online storage and technical controls, which are accessible through the app. Setting up the AstroPrint system is easy, making it ideal for beginners. Additionally, professionals may also like the powerful features of the app.

What would you print if you had the AstroPrint 3D printer?

AstroPrint™: Wireless 3D Printing Software | Kickstarter

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