Your devices will be charged while your are resting and the power will be provided by the special pillow you’ll use to put your head on. How intriguing this concept sounds to you?

Admittedly, it sounds almost outlandish, but Power Pillow, a Kickstarted gadget has turned this concept into reality. Enhance your life. Experience the freedom of never running out of power again when you need it most. It’s finally possible to recharge your body, mind, phone and tablet all at the same time.

Experience the convenience of lounging while charging. The most stylish and useful pillow you will ever own. They have the whole concept and mechanism elaborated for you on their Kickstarter page to help you get the hang off it before ordering this product.

To know more about it or order this pillow, head on to their Kickstarter page.

Source – Power Pillow

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