Even after most of use have started using Adblocker, some popups still appear from nowhere. Although they disappear in a bit, it still is quite pervasive. This is where Poper Blocker, the first ever program dedicated to blocking pop ups, comes in handy!

Once you install it, everything else will be done by Poper Blocker. It will automatically block every pop ups and popunder notifying you on very instance when it does so. If you want, you can choose to view the blocked content by clicking on the notification which appears when a pop up is blocked.


Overall, this works great with Adblock Plus as it does the job Adblock fails to do. It’s really easy to unblock something if you ant it to appear. The user friendly UI ensures that you will get the hang off it really easily.

To know more about it, head on to Chrome Web Store page where you can know more about it.

Source - Chrome Web Store

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