This weeks Lifehack Lesson is all about configuring Gmail to make it super-useful for business. There is a whole plethora of plugins out there that you add to Gmail, but not many sites will explain why they are effective and how to set it up in a way that you can use almost straight away. If you use Gmail for your business correspondence, customer support and need some great ways to make it more efficient, then this is the lesson for you.

This Lesson is written by Trevor Dobrygoski and explains some of the tools that can be used, how they can work together. The actual guts of the lesson will give you a step by step guide and includes tutorial videos on how to set up these tools into your Gmail, and some good ideas of what configurations to set up top optimize your work flow. Here’s an excerpt from the lesson

Gmail is one of the most popular web-based email apps on the web for both personal and business. When using a Google email account for business, the needs are very different than the needs of someone using Gmail for personal reasons.

Google Apps vs. Gmail

Many companies have adopted Google email as their email provider of choice. When this happens, the email account will have the company’s domain name, not at the end. This is what’s referred to as a Google Apps account.

The main differences are Google Apps accounts have some limitations. Not with the apps themselves. The limitation might come from the IT department who wouldn’t want you to use your work Google Account to subscribe to YouTube videos. While the accounts can have limitations imposed, upgrades can also be added to make the Google email account more of a tool.

Here’s a rundown of the tools this Lesson will cover and we will help you to get them all working together. The detailed tasks will help you set them up and configure them to get you up and running and there are plenty of videos to help you install and configure each one of the tools.


Labels are how Gmail helps you sort your emails. They are kind of like the folder system other email apps use. They will help you separate emails into groups to make them easier to find later.


Gmail’s filters are the equivalent of the Rules system in other email programs use. Not only are there plenty of choices for choose what emails to filter, there are also a lot of different options for what to do with the incoming email after it’s found…..


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