One phone number to ring all your phones


GrandCentral is a service that gives you one phone number and will ring all of your phones when you receive a call. Here’s how it works…You pick a phone number from the database of numbers in (or around) your area code. Then you enter all of your personal/business phone numbers and only give out the number assigned by GrandCentral. When GrandCentral recieves the call it will forward it to all of the phone numbers you have listed. Best of all, GrandCentral is free! If any of you have used GrandCentral in the past, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Finally have just one number that reaches you everywhere: you decide where you want to pick up your calls. Save on your wireless minutes if you’re at home or work and never miss a call, even if you move or change jobs.

The New Way to Use Your Phones – [GrandCentral]

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