Music is everywhere and we love it. It’s on our PC, Mac, Smartphone, or in the cloud. How convenient it would be if you could access all your stored music at one place and play it from there? Olive ONE is here to make listening to music easier.

It comes with true Wireless HD docking station which helps you connect all your music libraries and portable gadgets with ease. You wouldn’t ever need to deal with connectors and adapters again.  With this device, you can get access to all the music through a synchronized touchscreen and play it in amazing sound quality.

Using a Wi-Fi connection, it allows you to play any music stored in your PC, Mac or any other device straight from the Olive ONE. It easily connects with all the music-playing devices wirelessly for a better and convenient experience.

You can get to know more about it on the IndieGoGo Page where it has already been funded.

Source - IndieGoGo


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