Now You Can Literally Draw Circuit Out With A Rollerball Pen


Back in high school, I was baffled by the intricacies and complexities of creating a circuit. If only this product had been around when I was assigned the project, I could have done well and gotten an excellent grade instead of garnering just a passing grade.

Just what kind of product am I talking about. It’s a pen, yes like the one you use every day. A roller pen but with a huge difference. This one does not work with ordinary ink. It writes with a conductive silver ink. Talking about great and amazing inventions — this one is something to cheer about especially for teachers and students. Imagine what it can do — you can literally draw out the circuit you want done. No wires, no goops, no breadboards required. With Circuit Scribe, schemetic sketches can become instant working prototypes.

This wonder is a project of Electroninks Incorporated on kickstarter.

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