It’s cool to watch videos and listen to music on your laptop, phone or tablet. Still, looking at HD quality content on TV is way better. Widescreen, clearer resolution, and crisp sounds are hard to beat. It’s not only easier on your eyes and a wiser alternative, it’s also very useful for small group presentations and university classes. Teachers can have more exciting classes and will help them catch students’ attention. A feat that gets harder and harder every day. However, with this teaching tool, learning experience can be hightened. I should know. Being a teacher myself, I’ve personally witnessed this countless times.

A group of 7 to 10 people huddling over a tablet or a laptop is absolutely a hassle. With Chromecast, you can eliminate this inconvenience. You can watch videos, photos or infographics with a group of 12 or even 20 people much better. I believe it’s also doable with biggger groups.

Let’s take a closer look at this streaming media device that is a little bigger than a regular thumb drive. Google’s effort to conquer TV is just about two inches big, and simple to use. Just attach Chromecast to your TV, control it with media device, and you’re all set. c/ has more information about this latest hit from Google.

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