Now PDF Convert Can Turn Your Email Into PDF Instantly


In terms of Documents, PDFs are the standard and premium version. From what I can say, PDF is the standard unit of documents. From EBooks to Comics, PDF version is the foremost.  Now call it an advancement of technology or wonder, now you can easily convert your emails into PDFs!


PDF convert is a simple tool (rather an awesome service) that’ll convert anything to PDF in minutes. The only thing you have to do is email them, as easy as ABCD!

Just drop back an email in one of the following addresses:

And they will mail back your document in the form of attached PDF. There are great online PDF conversion tools out there, but what makes them best from the rest is that they will mail you the document. Not like other tools, where you have to visit their websites to download your document.

Not only PDF’s you can also convert webpages, by sending adding the link of webpage and sending it to (  Also you can add your Word, Excel and PowerPoint  attachments and let them converted to PDF format. For this, just shoot an email to (

As far as the privacy is concerned, they say that will keep your emails on their servers only during conversion.

PDF Convert | via Digital Inspiration

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