How convenient it would be if we could track and control almost everything at our fingertips? It might sound like a stereotypical sci-fi movie pitch, but Ninja Sphere, a Kckstarted product, has made it possible to control almost everything around us.

Your Ninja Sphere learns about you, and your environment. It uses data from sensors and actuators to build a model that can inform you if something is out of place. It can monitor temperature, lighting, energy usage, you and your pets’ presence, and anything else you connect to your sphere. By using data from your devices, environment, and location your sphere is able to advise you intelligently and give you control only when you need it.

Here are some of the things you can do with it –

  • Be alerted if you have left home and left an appliance on, and easily turn it of, such as heaters/lamps/AV equipment
  • Check in on your dog/cat while you’re away from home
  • See who is at home/away
  • See exactly where your lost wallet/keys are located
  • Be alerted if a valuable is being moved and you’re not at home.

Ninja Sphere is packed with many other features. Head on over to the Kickstarter page to know more about it.

Source – Ninja Sphere Kickstarter

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