Next Time You Step Out In The Rain, Don't Forget To Spray This On


Having a hard time staying dry? Maybe you need LiquidOff.

Using nanotechnology, the creators of the innovative product developed a spray that can completely repel liquid. Videos of the technology in action is quite impressive and here at Lifehack, we think this product can go a long way.

Imagine being able to step out during rainy season without getting your clothes wet. Raising the stakes higher, imagine letting your kids eat a bowl of spaghetti at a wedding without having to worry about tough stains or spills.

That’s exactly what LiquidOff can do. The spray is non-toxic, making it safe for babies and pets. It’s not sticky and dries quickly after application. Furthermore, it washes off completely in the laundry. This low risk, no maintenance product is perfect for individuals who are always on the go.

Overall, having a bottle handy in the car or at work can save you expensive trips to the dry cleaner.

LiquidOff: The Magical, Self-Cleaning, Water Repelling Spray | Kickstarter

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