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New Digital Frame Changes Art With The Push Of A Button, You've Never Seen Anything Like This

Digital frames first appeared over a decade ago. They didn’t take off because they were bulky, low-res and inconvenient.

Now there’s Electric Objects 1. EO1 is out to revolutionize digital frames and canvases. The gadget offers clear, crisp images without messy cords. The design of the canvas is minimal, which matches almost any type of artwork that is displayed on the frame.

The EO1 can run 24/7 without putting a dent in your electric bill. Setting up the gadget is as simple as connecting it to your WiFi. A cord is required to power the device, but the slim cord isn’t an eye sore, as it is unnoticeable unless directly pointed out.

For those who prefer to use the EO1 on their table, a stand can be used to keep the digital frame propped up. The device comes with a smartphone app that controls the photos being displayed on sharp frame.

Electric Objects: A Computer Made for Art | Kickstarter

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