Never Mess With Messy Charger Cords Again Using The Dart Charger


Tired of messy laptop chargers? We are too.

Tangled cords can cause all sorts of troubles for people on the go. Even if you arrange your laptop charger nicely in your bag, chances are it will be in knots when you pull it out.

Furthermore, bulky rectangular chargers take up too much space and are too heavy to carry around without a pouch.

The Dart is the perfect solution to all your charger-related problems. It’s lightweight, thin and powerful. Compatibility isn’t an issue, as the device latches on to most laptops that are out in the market today.

Chargers these days look horrible.

Not much thought goes into the aesthetic design of power cords. The Dart aims to change that. With a brushed aluminum finish and a selection of upbeat colors, you can be sure that your charger best represents your lifestyle.

Dart: The World’s Smallest Laptop Adapter | Kickstarter

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