Never Leave Your Valuables Behind With Protag


Have people told you for years that you would lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on? Well then, consider getting your hands on a Protag. This ingenious new device ensures that you never leave your valuables behind again.


So how does Protag work? Just insert the $50 device in the items you don’t want to leave behind, like your wallet, briefcase, purse, suitcase, etc., and then sync the device with your Android or Blackberry smartphone. You can link up to seven Protags up to your phone at once. Then, whenever you leave something behind, your Protag will alert you and provide you with the item’s last GPS coordinates so you can track it down simply and quickly. You can even use it from other mobile phones to track down your cell phone.

If you’re always worried about forgetting something when you travel, or just lose your purse in the clutter of your home, Protag is the best solution to make sure you never leave your valuables behind again.

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