There is no obese person in this world who’d wouldn’t like to trim his or her fat. Just ask them to confirm. No, don’t do it. You will probably wind up stirring them up. The fact of the matter is, more people are suffering from obesity than we think. Everyone who suffers from it wants to get rid of it.

his where ‘Mover’, a newly-developed Android app comes in handy! ‘Mover’ tracks your activity level ad encourages you to be more active than you are. If you are one of them,’Mover’ can help you say goodbye to your fat forever.


The only catch is, you will have to keep your phone nearby when you are working out in the home or gym. Moreover, you will have to carry your phone with you when you running or jogging. Granted, it’s not very practical concept as we don’t usually keep our phone with us when we work out, but if it is going to be helpful, it deserves a shot.

To know more about it, head on to Google Pay Store.

Source - Google Play Store

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