Green homes and offices are the future. Apart from using green building materials, people now have the power to use technology to adjust their consumption of electricity, sunlight and water.

When it comes to electricity usage, no other device does it better than Smart-Me.

Smart-Me is a simple plug that sends information to an app on your smartphone or tablet.

dsfgsdfgsdfgmallFrom the app, users can see how their devices are consuming electricity. The device would be useless if all you could do was watch the gauges helplessly. Because of this, the creators of the system added functions that allow users to cut electricity with the press of a button. A timer can also be set for automation purposes.

sdfgsdgdsfgdsfphonesOne of the most interesting functions of the system is the ability to control energy consumption from anywhere. This unique feature provides individuals with several control options over a period of time.

Smart-me | Indiegogo

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