Keeping your Phone alive can be an arduous tasks when you have to go on a trip which is a couple of days long. More often than not, our phone just switches off after signaling a few times. How easy it would have been  if there was an alternative portable source available when we are out? This is where ‘Empower of Journey’ will come to rescue!

‘Empower Your Journey’, a Kickstarter project, has a plan to never let your phone’s battery die when your  are journeying. It allows you to charged up to two phones anytime and anywhere you want.

Designed with extreme durability in mind, this device will never let your phone die. Whenever your battery is getting low, you can just attach it to the device. With a capacity to store massive power, ’empower Your Journey’ also ensures that your phone gets this energy quickly.

Head on to Kickstarter page to know more about it.

Source – Empower Your Journey Kicstarter

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