Which two digital tools would you combine to make the ultimate gadget?

If you were thinking about putting a smartcamera and smartwatch together, then you need the Madice Smart Pair.

The gadget is a combination of both devices, and can be used separately. The first thing that you’ll notice about this tool are the specs:


Its features exceed the latest smartwatches out in the market today, including Samsung and Pebble. The minimal design is another reason why you want this product. It looks smooth and instantly sets the mood with anything it comes in contact with.


As for the camera, the resolution comes in at a solid 13MP. LED flash is featured on the smartcamera, for those who like taking pictures at night. The gadget is also water resistant and shockproof.

It honestly doesn’t get any better than that.

MADICE SMART PAIR- World’s First Pair of Smartwatch & Smartcamera | Indiegogo

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