Lost Your Phone? Shout 'Marco' To Find It


How do you go about finding your phone if you lose it?

If you have the Marco Polo app installed in your mobile device, you can simply should ‘Marco!’ This new and upbeat method of finding a lost phone is highly effective and fun. Most phone trackers require a small device attachment, making it difficult to maintain.


With the Marco Polo app, all you have to do shout a word and your phone will literally shout back. It’s that easy!

Users can even customize the word they want to use to trigger the app. Best of all, the system works even if the phone is on sleep mode or if it’s on mute. Push notifications causes the phone to light up, which is useful if your mobile device falls off the bed at night before going to sleep.

The app supports all Apple devices.

Marco Polo: Find Your Phone by Shouting MARCO! | Marco Polo

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