I dare speculate that professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs spent more time on LinkedIn more than on Facebook. That’s why common sense dictates that in the world of B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the premium social media platform to connect with leaders and decision makers. It’s as clear as a cloudless sky, LinkedIn is built for networking in the business sector. So everybody thinks that LinkedIn would be the best for business networking. Most especially for reaching customers.

One the contrary, one of the things you have to consider in this discussion is that people’s minds continue to have business thoughts even when hanging out on Facebook. Business practitioners still think of marketing their brands while socializing on FB. Surprisingly, business people spend more time on Facebook than on LinkedIn. I found stats to support this. That’s why this is perhaps the most logical factor you can base your decision on with regards picking Facebook over LinkedIn. No kidding.

Additionally, leaders and decision makers are typically older. So, I was a bit taken aback when I found out, there are almost twice as many of them on Facebook. More eye openers are contained in the BOPdesign.com graphic below.

B2B marketing Facebook vs. LinkedIn

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