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TechTool Pro 6

Perform Complete Diagnostics Checks on Your Mac

TechTool Pro 6


  • One-click diagnostics that scans critical CPU, memory, and hardware to identify problems
  • Helps prevent costly machine repairs
  • Tests & rebuilds damaged directories on corrupted hard drives
  • Recovers lost data from corrupted drives or volumes

Path Finder 6

Access & Manage Your Files Quick As Lightning

path finder


  • Easily and quickly access any files at any time
  • Dozens of useful features that help improve your productivity
  • Extreme customization allows you to hunt down specific information when you need it
  • Designed to work with a variety of different workflows

TextExpander 4

Type More with Less Effort


  • The ultimate typing shortcut utility that will save you time and effort
  • Automatically fix the typos you make the most
  • Create custom keyboard shortcuts to avoid typing the same thing over and over
  • Winner of the 2010 Macworld Editors’ Choice Award


The Cutting Edge Solution to Hiding Your Private Data



  • Hide your confidential information from unwanted eyes
  • Simple interface allows for easy and powerful use
  • Protect certain folders and files with one click
  • Organize all your private files and folders for easy access

Dropzone 2

Easily & Quickly Get Things Done on Your Mac



  • Quickly launch applications, open files, and upload content to your Mac
  • Use Amazon S3 to create your own personal cloud sharing solution
  • Snap and share quick screenshots with anyone


Flawlessly Stream Content From Your iOS Devices to Your Mac via AirPlay

air server


  • Stream everything from your iOS devices to your Mac
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Makes streaming and sharing content fun
  • Enhanced for iOS 6 so now you can stream content in full 1080p HD

CameraBag 2

Desktop Photo Editing Redefined

camera bag 2


  • A powerfully beautiful photo app that brings a new approach to editing you pictures
  • A revolutionary photo app
  • 100+ fully-adjustable filers
  • 25+ professional controls

MacPilot 5

Simply Perform Maintenance to Improve your Mac’s Performance

macpilot 5


  • Simply perform maintenance to improve your Mac’s performance
  • Unlock hidden features in Mac OS X to make it even more powerful
  • Over 1,000 amazing features


A Troubleshooting Toolkit for Debugging Internet Service Problems



  • The ultimate network troubleshooting software for your Mac
  • 23 intuitive features to detect and solve system functions
  • Clean user interface with deep OS X knowledge to provide essential problem solving details

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