Leave your charging cable at home, and live simple.

Mobile devices are not only convenient, but a often a necessity when you’re away from home. Whether you use your device for work or personal tasks, there’s one thing that’s certain: the amount of things you get done depends greatly on your device’s battery. When your phone or tablet battery is dead, nothing can get done.

Carrying around a charging cable and adapter can be annoying; they’re bulky and easy to forget at home. With Nomad’s portable ChargeCard and ChargeKey, you never have to worry about leaving your charging cable at home again; you’ll always have a charging device with you – either in your wallet or on your keychain. Just plug one end into a USB port on your laptop or car adapter and the other into your device, and you’re good to go.

Pictured above is the ChargeCard, and in the video below you’ll see the ChargeKey. Although Nomad’s website seems to cater to iPhone users, don’t worry because they’re available for both Apple and Android devices. You’ll really love the simplicity and flexibility of these chargers. They’re meant to bend, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them.

The ChargeCard is really great if regularly carry a wallet or portfolio with card slots. It’s probably more convenient for most people, since you won’t have to worry about removing it and adding it back to your keychain (as with the ChargeKey). Which one do you prefer?

Your iPhone Cable, Portable. ChargeCard. ChargeKey. | Nomad

Featured photo credit: Nomad via hellonomad.com

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