Keyword Google Music Search

Keyword Google Music Search

Here’s a quick browser keyword to add to the list. This one will make it mega easy to find MP3s hidden amongst open internet directories.

  • Create a bookmark in Firefox
  • Use the URLs in this text file as the bookmark location in your Firefox bookmarks
  • Assign a keyword to it – eg. music
  • Type the keyword (eg. music) followed by the search term (eg. beatles) directly into the address bar (NOT the search box). For example… type in music beatles , and Google will search open directories for Beatles music files that you can download.
  • If find this kind of thing handy for those quick conversation pieces like “Remember that song we sang at such and such?” or “How did that theme go?” [Not for piracy or anything!]

    Google + Firefox = Free Music Downloads – [FriedBeef]

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