The advancements in technology have been growing at rapid speeds. It seems like technology is everywhere, but in reality it’s not. There still are many people in the world, in poor and remote countries, who do not have access to personal computers. This is where Keepod Unite, a $7 USB drive that contains its own personal operating system, really comes in handy. It’s a fully functional desktop operating system that runs right directly from a USB device.

With Keepod Unite, old and discarded computers can be refurbished and shared among various users, giving everyone around the world access to their own personal computer. This portable lightweight operating system is easy to use and very secure. You won’t have to worry about leaving a footprint on the host computer; passwords and sensitive data are never left behind.

This Indiegogo project needs your help in order to help bring refurbished PCs to Mathare, Nairobi. If you want to help be sure to share the project with friends. The Indiegogo page is also full of pertinent information that you won’t find in the video, such as what’s included in the operating system, system highlights, how it differs from Linux LiveUSB systems and much more.

Keepod Unite | Indiegogo

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