Automatically Water Your Plants, Even When You're Not Around Using


Is your busy lifestyle the reason why your plants aren’t blooming?

Keeping flowers and herbs in tip top condition is never easy when you’re not at home. Now you can change that by using the system.

The smart plant watering tool works through automation. Powerful sensors detect the moisture content of the soil. When the system notices the soil is dry, water will be pumped into the plant.

There are also light sensors that prevent plants from drowning due to surging water. From years of farming experience, I can see this tool going a long way. With a 2-year battery life, you don’t have to worry about the early, fragile stages of your newborn plants.


The settings for the system are customizable, if you feel the sensors aren’t properly optimized for your plant’s needs. I recommend this product for novice farmers and nature enthusiasts. – Smart plant watering | Indiegogo

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