Keep Your Digital Devices Running When Traveling With TYLT


Are you looking for a wall charger that doubles as a powerbank?

With the TYLT charger, you can have both in one mobile accessory.

This is perfect for travelers, people who rely on their digital devices for entertainment and work, and students who are out of the house all day due to classes. One of the reasons this tool is essential for busy individuals is its size. The small charger/powerbank is small enough to fit inside a small pouch or bag.

The creators decided to go with a USB slot, making it compatible with a wide range of devices, including laptops, music players, speakers and mobile phones. As a powerbank, the TYLT charger does not disappoint.

Filled with 2,200 mAh, the powerbank has enough juice to keep demanding devices running all day. Lastly, the plug folds inwards, ensuring that it is only used when needed.

Worlds Most Affordable Wall Charger with Battery by TYLT | Kickstarter

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