Being stalked, tracked and used as a product are just some compromises most of the people make while they are online. We have learned to get along with that, but we really shouldn’t. Why let anyone track you online when we don’t trust anyone with our passwords and other online activities?

Granted, you can’t avoid all of the tracking, but at least, you have the right to know who is tracking you. This is where ‘PrivacyFix’ comes in handy! This tool will let you know who is trying to track you while you are online. Also, it will estimate where all the tracked data and behavior is going and how much are they worth.

Keep track of who is tracking you online – Privacyfix

The best thing about this extension, which is developed by  AVG, is that it works inside your browser in the background without troubling you in any manner. Moreover, it never collects or share your personal data.

Source - Privacy Fix

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