Keecker: A Robot designed For Home-Entertainment


We already have a lot of gadgets at our disposal when it comes to entertainment. From TV, smartphones, PCs to other handheld devices – they all have a job to entertain us through different means.

Keecker, a robot designed for home-entertainment, is another addition in this lineup. With Keecker bring your house to the next level where any wall becomes a screen, any room a concert hall, where your family shares magic moments, where technology is no longer a burden.


This Android-powered robot is designed in a way that you can access your favorite content anywhere on the wall using its projector and six speaker projecting sounds at 360 degrees.

Essentially, it removes the limitation on how and where we access the content. It’s the home you’ve been dreaming of. The home you’ll have with Keecker.

To know more about it, head on over to the official page by hitting the link below.

Official Site | Keecker

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