Hi, my name is Steve, I am a subscritionholic

I had no idea how it was effecting my life, my inbox, my productivity. It’s just that everyone has such interesting stuff, and they offered to share it with me for free. So I sign up to this, and sign up to that, before you know it, I am on over 400 lists, with no end in sight!

I am pretty sure most of us have a similar tale of woe, and to be fair, I never thought about how many lists I was on, until I tested out a  productivity service called Unroll.Me. which searches your webmail account, and creates a digest of all your email subscriptions. The results may well shock you!

Once you have run the Unroll.me filters they create a report and management screen where you can combine all the subscriptions you want to keep, into a single daily digest (only one email in your inbox) and unsubscribe to services you no longert need.

Take a look at my short video…..

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In case you don’t know how to delete all emails filtered by your search, here’s a quick how-to: How to Use Gmail Search to Clean up Your Email Archive

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