How many times have you picked up your mobile phone to do something like make a call, send a text or check your email, only to find out that the battery is almost dead? If you don’t carry around a charger with you, this can be a serious problem – especially in emergency situations. Meet Jumper Card, the phone charger that fits in your pocket or wallet. As you’ll see from the way it’s designed, it’s basically like having jumping cables for your phone.

Jumper Card has its own battery and is about the size of a credit card. Whenever you need an extra boost for your phone, just pull it out and start charging. It can actually add an extra 45-60 minutes of talk to your phone. To see how to charge Jumper Card for next time use, be sure to watch the video.

With a small contribution, you can have one of your very own. As an added bonus, it includes a LED flashlight that is sure to come handy in dark places. Pretty convenient, don’t you think?

Jumper Card – Emergency Battery Charger | Indiegogo

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