iStick: Transfer Files Without Using The Internet Or Cloud


Are you tired of waiting for cloud transfers from your computer to your iPad or iPhone?

Using a cord defeats the whole purpose of having wireless devices. Furthermore, online transfers are prone to security issues, making your sensitive files prone to hacks and compromises. If you come across this problem on a regular basis, you need the iStick.

The iStick is the first USB with a lightning connector. This allows people to transfer large files from their computer or laptop to their Apple devices.

No slow cloud platforms.

No messy cords.

No unsecure servers and routers.

The best part about the iStick is control. As a user, you set which files you want to release and which ones you want to save for later. Using your Apple devices, you can access the files in the iStick without transferring it to your gadget.

iStickā„¢: USB Flash Drive with Lightning for iPhone and iPad | Kickstarter

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