iPod Shuffle + Firefox + GTDTiddlywiki


Over at, the blogger introduces his method of using his iPod Shuffle as GTD system, by installing Portable Firefox and GTDTiddlyWiki.

After that, he can go to any computer to access his task list – Mac or PC, as the portable firefox is compatiable with both. iPod Shuffle can also save other files and of course music. Best of all it is small, so it is a pretty good portable solution:

GTD Shuffle

… I’m getting there, So you could carry around your GTD TiddlyWiki and be able to run it from any PC or Mac you stumbled upon. The GTD Tiddlywiki prints out your lists in a format I should be able to place in the back of my moleskine, and have my lists with me without a Mac/PC handy. To get the portable Firefox app you can go here – Portable Firefox but you will need to modify the fellows script, he tells you how, but follow thew directions closely, the directory names matter. I have placed mine on my shuffle and now have my tunes and my lists all in one handy package. Shuffle around my neck or in my pocket and my moleskine and I am ready for anything. Well you know what I mean, not like a nuclear attack or Katrina, but if an idea hits me, or I have some extra time, I’m productive if I wanna be…

GTD: Tools – Portable GTDTiddlywiki & Moleskine – [ via 3 things today]

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