Introducing The Amazon Prime Air That Will Deliver Products In 30 Minutes


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently announced that Amazon have created a new delivery system: the Amazon Prime Air. These unmanned aerial vehicles will apparently deliver packages to customers in just 30 minutes!

Although they probably won’t be around until 2015 due to FAA regulations (so don’t start working on those tin foil hats quite yet), Amazon have said that seeing the Amazon Prime Air with it’s little orange boxes flying around will be “as normal as seeing a mail truck on the road today”.

Interestingly, it isn’t just Amazon that are beginning to utilise drone delivery; both UPS and FedEx  are working on their own drones. The chinese government has already allowed delivery companies such as SF Express to begin testing aerial drones that could deliver packages around China, so they could be the first country to have legalised aerial drone delivery, possibly long before they are legal in the US. So get ready for the future because – like your Amazon package in a couple of years – it’ll be here sooner than you think!

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