I know you have been enjoying instagram. It’s obvious, photos have a universal appeal, so this photo-sharing service is a hit and as hot as ever. In fact, sometimes I over-indulge about selfies, and so do you. Come on… admit it!

One thing more, sharing fun photos with friends, co-workers, relatives, and loved ones had always been part of traditions, and who would disagree with that? After all it’s fun! Especialy with a service that’s also considered a part of people’s lives — Instagram.

Talking about photos, I have great news. Instagram Direct is here. The newest feature of Instagram. Visual communications are more exciting with this new feature. With it you can share images relevant only to a smaller group of people — a private joke among members of a click on a road trip, a tender moment in your family, or even the latest snap of your pet. You can use Instagram Direct to share special moments like these.

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