Imprint Bicycle Grips: Moulded by you to the size, shape and grasp of your own hands.


When you are riding on your Bicycle, your grip on handles is what matters the most. What if you could mould it according to your shape of hands? Of course, things would be a lot more in control as you’d have as much grip as possible on your Bicycle. But it was not possible, yet.

imprinted grips

Granted, there are quite a few Bycycle manufactures with awesome default grips, but they can’t be moulded at all to fit the shape of your hands. This is where Imprint Bicycle Grips, a Kickstarted product has revolutionized the way we ride on our bicycles. It allows you to mould the rip to your own shape and size of hands as soon as your put your hands on it. It’s flexibility allows for a more controlled and enjoyable riding experience.

You instantly have maximum contact between your hand and your bike and the contact is supported evenly; removing all high pressure points and providing the perfect grip shape for you.  They’re also a great way to truly customize your ride!

Source – Imprint Bicycle Grips Kickstarter

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