Do you ever get links in your emails and wish you didn’t have to follow them. You need to see the video or read the article, but you just don’t want to take the time to switch away from your Gmail tab and load a new page. There’s a feature in Chrome called in-line previews that will actually embed content from links to popular web services, but it’s only experimental as of yet and supports a dreadfully small list of sites.

If you like the idea of in-line previews, but want more out of it, you need to try the Chrome extension iFramely. Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration explained in a recent article that with this extension installed, an emailed link becomes the content it links to. A link to a video becomes the video; a link to an article becomes the article. You get to see whatever your email links to without ever leaving your inbox.

If you send a lot of links to your friends, make sure they know about Iframely.

Iframely embedded image.

Iframely embeds linked images right in the message.

Original Source – Digital Inspiration – Better Inline Preview for your Gmail

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