Hypercharge Your Device With The LithiumCard


Mobile devices consume a lot of power. Low battery levels can make you less productive, irritated and out of touch.

Carrying around a bulky phone charger is never the answer. It can easily get lost and lacks convenience. After all, if you wanted a use a digital device that needed to be plugged in, you’d be using a desktop.

The LithiumCard is the perfect solution for individuals who have this problem. It can keep your digital device running when you need it, making you extremely reliable in the process.

The size of the power bank is so thin it can fit in your wallet. It also includes HyperFET drive technology, which can charge devices considerably faster than traditional portable power banks.

Using NanoStik technology, the mini power bank can stick on the back of your smartphone or tablet like a magnet. You might even forget that you were trying to charge your device in the first place.

LithiumCard: The HyperCharger | Indiegogo

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