With each new version, Mac’s operating system adds more computing muscle and features to make life on the move easier and exciting for its users. The OS X has many useful features in its fold. One such innocuous yet very useful feature is scrolling the background window without switching through them. This is particularly useful for those who work on multiple windows simultaneously.

Say for example, you are working on a blog post in your text editor and need to refer to a web page that’s open in another window. You can hover the in the web page and simply scroll using the trackpad or the mouse wheel; all this without leaving your current text editor window. You can even click on the links on the web page by holding down the Command button.

You can of course, keep switching windows like everyone else. But, that wouldn’t be very efficient now, would it?

Scrolling through an inactive window in OS X

OS X scroll


Featured photo credit: Viktor Hanacek via goo.gl

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