Whether you write for yourself, for a company, or planning on writing a book, a good way to organize your writing is to schedule it. This can be done whether it’s chapters in a book, multiple articles with many different writers or by yourself. Google Calendar is  great way to set up your editorial calendar, and since many people already use gmail, it makes sense to combine the tools together. This Lifehack Lesson, written by Trevor Dobrygoski,  teaches you how to create and set up a google calendar as a useful writing scheduler. It’s free to grab this lesson for 7 days. To access all other lessons, it only costs $4.99 per month.

Here’s an excerpt from this lesson-

Determine which style posts will go on what days

Most blogs will have different types of posts on different days.  This could be different styles of posts like a video one day and a written post another.  The days could also have a particular category assigned to them.  For example, you could have a technology life hack every Tuesday and a relationship hack on Fridays.

Once you have an idea of the different style posts you’ll have on your blog, we can move onto the next step.

Create a recurring appointment for that day of the week

For the stuff we want to create a recurring appointments on each day we plan to post a new article. For this step I recommend being in month view. To create a new recurring appointment,  double-click on the day of the week to open a new appointment screen. In the text box labeled Untitled event, enter the style post or category you like to have on this day of the week.

Next you’ll want to check the box next is the word Repeat…When you do, a new window will pop-up with a bunch of options to configure what day or days of the week you’d like the appointment to repeat and how often you’d like it to repeat.  The default setting is set to repeat every one week and this setting works for what we are doing here today.

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